Trusting Our Men Again

(Trigger Warning: The content below explores sexually-provocative content. If you have a history of trauma, I trust you to honor your capacity.)


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Join us as we navigate topics we're all pretty nervous to talk about...

...and yet MUST discuss.

During a time when the “normal” response is to cringe, rage, and shutdown in the face of men, let's create a space for us to build a bridge of understanding & empathy.


I want to explore and unpack what is still stopping us from cultivating trust, partnership and safety with our men.

I have always been and always will be committed to helping women feel safe. AND I am also concerned with the experience of our men. I believe we can stand in both truths.

In a time when it’s easy to stew in the anger of our past, I am choosing to see our men in their highest expression and fullest potential.

In a time when the trend is to shame, to blame and to “other’, I believe that coming closer with compassion will be what heals us all.

In a time when the system is trying to pin us against each other, I believe no one wins if one of us loses.

Wanna come with me on this ride? We begin January 30th.  

The Men I'm Interviewing:

Joshua Hathaway

No Bullshit Communication

Ken Fried

Are we Objectifying Men?

John Wineland

Making Dominance Fantasies Safe

Kyle Lipton

Anger as a Sacred Practice

John Kim

How to try to understand before trying to be understood.

James Cruzen

How to Embody Leadership

Greg Woodhill

How to Stop Sexualizing Pain With a Porn Addiction

Shiv Bharat

Expression & Repression

Julian DeVoe

Bringing Back the Ancient Tradition of Male Ceremonies

Jacob Sokol

How to stay Authentic AF in Challenging Conversations

Dave Burns

The Myth of "Manning Up"

It seems like every time we blink, another article appears about a man abusing his power.

Nothing feels safe. And we’re all coping with this in different ways.

Disbelief. Rage. Tears. Shutdown.

It seems like no matter what movements are emerging, we are living in a world filled with locker room mentality, toxic masculinity, and patriarchy.

As a feminist, a survivor, and a woman who grew up in the Middle East, I truly understand the rage and the pain you feel when you look at the state of gender relations right now.

I’ve been feeling this too.


I’m also a humanist, a warrior of love, a sensualist and a deep believer in compassionate communication.

I believe that no one wins when one of us loses.

I believe that we must have the difficult conversations and face our deepest shadows to dance in the light.

I believe that peeling away the shame around our primal sexuality will liberate us back into embodied union.

I've spent over 8 years supporting womxn in the process of shedding the toxic messages around their power, their pleasure and their play. I've helped them reclaim their erotic, feminine bodies and their embodied power...

 And what I began to notice in a post-#metoo world was that men no longer felt safe to be themselves either. 

They were grappling with equal amounts of shame around their sexual desires.

They were shying away from playful flirting because of the fear of "getting it wrong". 

And they are shrinking away from their power.


And yes, I know what you might be saying....

"They've had centuries of power. Let them feel what we've had to endure our entire lives"

"It's way past time that they get quiet and listen to us."

“Well, now they finally have to think about the consequences of their actions.”


AND, as much as I’m excited that the rules are finally changing and their privilege podium is being pointed out to them, I want us all to be able to show up authentically.

I believe that no one wins when one of us loses.  

Let us come together to EMBODY connection, compassion, & union.

Coming with me on this ride is my Cohost: MADELYN MOON

Madelyn is BY FAR one of my favorite podcast hosts. She joins me on some of the interviews with her unique perspective & expertise. It's been so great having a fellow ENFJ & HD Projector team up with me on this!

If you aren't already listening to her podcast, Mind Body Musings, check it out RIGHT HERE.

She is also an AMAZING author, teacher, podcast host, retreat leader and transformational life coach. She is a guiding force for masculine-minded women who want to stop over-thinking their lives away and live with more trust, intuition, and feminine flow. She teaches her beautiful work across the world through her podcast Mind Body Musings, website, and ongoing retreats.  

Her work and story has been featured in The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Thought Catalog, Nylon Magazine, The Daily Mail, Vice, Greatist, Men’s Health, PEOPLE, and ABC News Nightline.

PLUS, she's got a gift for you right here: 4 ways to know if you are YES or NO to Anything.

Join us as we DIVE DEEP with these men. 

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Meet Your Host

Nadia Munla

Nadia is an Embodiment Coach who guides womxn to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their body. She is immensely passionate about supporting womxn in their journey back to their embodied essence so they can feel powerful, sexy & confident again.  

Through her one-on-one coaching, Embody dance classes, & Embody teacher training, Nadia has guided thousands of womxn across 5 continents on their journey back to themselves. You can find her at,, or join the conversation at The Embody Tribe FB group.

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A NOTE ON INCLUSIVITY: This series is intended to primarily explore the experience of womxn trusting men again. Often, these conversations are in the frame of heterosexual relationships. However, we 100% recognize and welcome all folx and all their experiences - no matter what identification or sexual preference or background. For more details on this, click here.